faalst-sokink asked:

Young Lin BeiFong?


I added some young Tenzin too because I was expecting him and his siblings to make an appearance in the flashbacks of Old Wounds and shall be brooding until that need gets fullfilled.

I rarely engage in headcannons because I feel like there’s so much material to be drawn from the actual story, but I like the idea of Tenzin kissing Lin’s new scars. I don’t think she would have been ashamed of them for aesthetic reasons, but I’m sure they were a constant reminder of betrayal and compromised values. 

You’re preaching to the choir! Lady Olenna is one of my favorite characters in the series, and in the show she is played to utter perfection by the legendary Dame Diana Rigg. 

I’ll be doing a full color illustration of her in the future to accompany my illustration of Willas, so this serves as a nice sneak peak to see where I’m going with her design.

luanna255 asked:

Glad to hear you're in a good mood! :-) How about Neville?


I was going to do Neville losing his shit at the Quidditch World Cup in honor of Rita Skeeter’s latest column, but I went for a more conventional Herbology Professor Neville. 

Neville really has to be the best teacher ever. Not only is he probably just an all around cool guy and Dumbledore’s Army rockstar, but he also knows what it’s like to absolutely suck at something and be bullied for it by teachers and students alike. I bet everyone can’t wait to go to Herbology.